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Class Schedule: Basic Life Support Provider
                            Price: American Heart Asso. $70.00 ~ American Red Cross $85
Attention - Please Read

*Due to a limited amount of space only individuals receiving training will be allowed in the building. No waiting room.

*Please make sure you are taking the correct course and that you will be able to attend the class. You will be allowed one (1) reschedule if made 24 hours in advance. A $10 fee will be deducted from ALL refund requests. If refund is requested less than 24 hours prior to class start time a $20 fee will be deducted. A no-call/no-show your entire fee will be forfeited.

*Please be prepared to do your skills testing on the floor, mats/pillows will be provided so dress appropriately. Accommodations will be made for the disabled or other medical issues on a case by case basis.

*If you are more than 10 minutes late, you will be asked to reschedule. If you request a refund, $15 will be deducted from your refund. A no-call/no-show will mean a forfeiture of your entire fee. Please allow for traffic and weather conditions.

*Bring pen/paper to take notes (optional).

*If you are taking a renewal class, please bring copy (paper or on cell) of current CPR eCard. If you do not have a current CPR card you will be asked to reschedule or sign up for an initial class, no charge for a reschedule.

Thank you, Cathy
NOTE: All refunds will be charged $10.00. Less than 24 hour notice a $20.00 fee will be imposed. No charge for rescheduling.
American Heart Asso.

July 2022

Initial BLS-$70

5th, Tues., 9am-1pm
5th, Tues., 4pm-8pm
14th, Thur., 9am-1pm
19th, Tues., 9am-1pm
28th, Thur., 9am-1pm

Renewal BLS-$70

7th, Thur., 9am-12pm
7th, Thur., 5pm-8pm
9th, Sat., 9am-12pm
12th, Tues., 9am-12pm
21st., Thur., 9am-12pm
26th, Tues., 9am-12pm

What's New
HeartCode BLS Skill Session

American Heart Association has removed the accelerated skill session option. So bascially you can no longer just come in for the skill session after completing the online part 1. You now have to watch a video and practice-while-watching then perform your skills testing. The class will take approximately 1.5 - 2 hours in length and the price is $65 for the skill session (you still have to purchase the online HeartCode BLS part 1). Please direct your questions, concerns and opinions to the organization. Don't shoot the messenger (or in this case the instructor :)

Good day, Cathy
809 Main St., #105
Newport News, VA 23605
$5 each
2 for $4.50 each
3+ for $4.00 each
American Heart Asso.

June 2022

Initial BLS-$70

10th, Fri., 9am-1pm
18th, Sat., 9am-1pm
21st, Tues., 9am-1pm
30th, Thur., 9am-1pm

Renewal BLS-$70

2nd, Thur., 9am-12pm
14th, Tue., 9am-12pm
25th, Sat., 9am-12pm
28th, Tues., 9am-12pm

Attention:  Renewal Classes

There is no grace period for renewal classes. If your CPR card has expired you will have to take an initial class.
HeartCode BLS Skills Session -$65

July 2022 - Please call or email for an appointment.
American Heart Asso.

July 2022

Heartsaver CPR AED First Aid - $95

23rd, Sat., 9am-1pm

Heartsaver CPR AED (no first aid) - $85

23rd, Sat., 9am-12pm
New Class Alert!!

CPR Basics will be offering a BLS Instructor Class starting in July. Please email (cprbasicsaha@gmail.com) for price, time, date and prerequisites. 
BLS Instructor Class

July 2022 - Please email for more information.
Class Closed
Class Closed
Reminder: Private sessions are still available for those with busy schedules. You pick the date and time. Email for more info: cprbasicsaha@gmail.com